What to expect on your appointment

The photographer will have visited your location and planned out a number of shots in advance. The photographer will be at your location before you are - running through final equipment checks to insure everything runs smoothly.

Time is extremely important. As a customer you are paying for a certain amount of time with a photographer and we want to use that time as efficiently as possible. However for outdoor photography there is another consideration and that's daylight. The morning and late afternoon are the best times for taking photographs; however as time marches on so does the sun. For morning shots the sun will slowly creep upward towards a high noon sun. 12:00 represents the worst possible time to take pictures. On the other end if you wait to long you will be in total darkness. If you are planning for a lot of outfit changes please figure that into the time that you book.

The Shoot
The most important thing about the shoot is to have fun and relax! If you are nervous it will show up in the photos. The photographer will do everything he can to make you comefortable. It might help to let the photographer know what your favorite type of music is so he can have it ready at the shoot.

The photographer will have you move through a wide variety of positions and will take a lot of photographs. It's important that you trust the photographer, he has your best interests at heart and is trying to capture. That said if you have suggestions or cool ideas be sure to let him know.

Wardrobe is an important decision. Please read our guide on the subject. It's important to be honest with yourself. Wear clothing that is flattering and appropriate for your size and complexion. If you are unsure you can't go wrong with long sleeves and dark colors. [more]

If you aren't planning outfit changes - bring a shawl or light jacket - something that you can use to change your look slightly.

Jewelry is defintely a plus but it should match your overall outfit. Try to pick something that compliments what you are wearing. If you have a particularly important piece - such as an engagement ring - be sure to let the photographer know so he can capture it appropriately.

Do you have a cool prop? Be sure to bring it with you on the shoot. If it's an outdoor shot be sure to at least bring a pair of nice sunglasses. We can also work around more elaborate props such as motorcycles, etc.

Makeup is also very important. Please read our guide on the subject. First off you can never go wrong with having your makeup professionally done before your session. Second always bring your makeup case with you for the shoot. Lastly the biggest hint is to use as much powder as possible. Powder helps give the skin a finished look and removes harsh reflections from the nose and cheeks. [more]

It's best to get your hair done shortly before the shoot. Bring a brush or comb with you to fix your hair as the shot goes on. The particular hair style is up to the customer however the photographer may ask you to change your hair for a differerent approach to a shot. ( for example if your hair is up he may ask you to take it down at one point for some variety.)

Post production on a 2 hour shoot typically takes 5 days. Although this may be longer depending on the specifics of the job. Post shoot materials will be mailed or hand delivered depending on the specific needs of the client.

The first 20% of your payment is due at contract signing. The remaining payment is due on the day of the shoot. Payment may be remitted by check, money order, or paypal. (Note in the case of paypal you will be charged and extra 2%.)