Make up
Guide by Erica Sheehan (

We highly recommend having your makeup done by a professional. Pryor photography recommends Erica Sheehan. Erica can be reached here.

Applying makeup for photos is very different from applying it for everyday wear – you will be wearing more makeup than normal.  On film your makeup will “wash out” or fade about 25%.  The goal is to achieve contrast – to highlight your strengths and down play any faults.  A professional makeup artist knows exactly what the camera will pick up and the colors/tones that flatter you.  We always encourage you to hire a professional to insure the highest quality photos.  

If you do not want to incur the added expense of hiring an artist here are a few tips that will help improve the quality of your shots.

-skincare: take very good care of your skin at least two weeks prior to your photo shoot.  Cleanse and moisturize twice a day.  The most important factor to great skin and good make up application is exfoliation.  Use a gentle exfoliator everyday such as Md Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Facial Pads.  This will control oil, blemishes and dull dry skin.  Also, drink a lot of water. (this applies even if you hire an artist)

-make up prep: use a silicone based priming product such as Smashbox Photo Finish to prep your face for a smooth application.  If you have oily skin use an anti-shine or oil control product to keep your oil at bay.  Also, it is nice to have blotting papers and translucent power at the shoot for touch ups.
-concealer/foundation: first apply foundation that is exactly your skin color.  Use a formula that is thicker that what you wear on a daily basis.  The best is Double Wear by Estee Lauder.  It provides excellent coverage with a beautiful finish.  After your foundation is on (blended down through your neck) apply a concealer that is one shade lighter than your foundation.  Cle de Peau stick concealer is the best in the business.  Apply the concealer with your fingers which will heat it and blend it nicely with your foundation for a natural look.  We also recommend Touch Éclat by Yves St. Laurent which is a highlighting concealer for under your eyes and in your laugh lines.  Set with a loose translucent powder.

- color: apply eye shadow as you normally do with some slight technical modifications.  Blend less (contrary to normal makeup application) to create contrast.  It is wise to use a lighter than normal shadow on the brow bone, lid and inner corner of the eye to open the eye.  The most flattering shades have a slight shimmer.  Use a dark shadow in the crease to create dimension – blend about half way in from the outer corner of your eye.  Eye liner is used to create definition and drama (this can vary from natural to smoky).  Sweep the liner (pencil is more forgiving) in the lash line on the whole upper eye and through half of the lower lashes.  Line the inner rim of the eye with white, natural or black depending on the look you are trying to achieve.  Blush and lipstick should be in the same color family (warm vs. cool – reds, pinks etc) and should be applied about 30% darker – these are the most commonly washed out features.  Shimmer highlighter swept on your cheeks gives your skin a flattering glow and also reflects light for an airbrushed look.