What to wear on your shoot

Help us to help you!
Clothing is the one variable that's firmly in control of the client. As photographers we can make recommendations but it's up to you to make the right decisions. In choosing your clothing you need to be honest with yourself. You are the expert on your body. Here are a few helpful hints.

Consider bringing options
A sweater, jacket, or shawl can dramatically alter your look with a minimal amount of time for changes. Consider bringing items that will quickly change your appearence and thus maximize your photo shoot.

Dark Clothing
If you are worried about your weight you should wear a variety of dark clothing. Especially clothes that are black. Black clothes can hide 10-25lbs off of the person wearing it. Long sleeves are another option if you are concerned specifically about your arms.

Women should wear the highest heals that they can.(2 inches or higher) High heels change the shapes of the calves and make them look long, slender, and appealing. If your legs aren't in great shape consider wearing nylons. Nylons will make your legs appear firm and will hide skin blemishes.

Tight Clothing
Unless you are in great shape you should avoid tight clothing. Tight clothing will expose any problem areas that you have and will make posing more difficult. At the same time you should avoid clothes that are too loose. The idea is to wear something that's comfortable and flattering for your unique body type.

The devil is in the details
The details usually catch up to you when wearing multiple outfits. Consider the implications that your underwear and socks have on your outfits. Women: Make sure your have the appropriate bra for each outfit. Common mistakes often involve include strapless tops or dark bras and light colored tops. Men: make sure you have the right socks for the specific outfit.