Nikon D200

Nikon D70s



Photography Equipment

The Nikon D200 is the workhorse camera of Pryor Studios. Capable of shooting 10.2 million pixels it produces images at resolutions of 3872x2598. I carry 12 GB of memory cards with me on a given shoot giving me more than enough capacity to get the shots our customers require. This cameras high resolution allows me to produce super sharp prints even at large sizes of 11x14 and above. This is one of the finest digital cameras on the market today.

Our backup camera is a Nikon D70. Capable of shooting 6.1 million pixels at resolutions of 3008x2000. Like the D200 this camera produces fantastic images.


We also carry a wide variety of lenses from wide angle to telephoto which allows us flexibility on your shoot. We can cover a complete range of events from intimate portraits and sporting events.

High powered Nikon Speed lights allow us to shoot in a variety of lighting conditions.

A 30gb portable hard drive more than doubles our shooting capacity onsite.

Other accessories include light meters, monopods, tripods, and light disks which provide us with the tools that we need for your event.

Post Production Equipment
Our post production environment includes a Power Mac G5. This machine has dual 2 GHZ processors, 8 GB of ram, and over 500 GB of disk space. This machine is more than capable of handling extremely complex images.

An Apple 23 inch Cinema display insures that our images are of the highest quality. We use color correction devices to make sure that our images are accurate before they are sent to the printer.

Photographs are managed by Apple's Aperture. A professional photo management suite designed for today's digital cameras.

Photographic editing is handled with Adobe Photoshop CS2. The industry standard in photographic editing. With photoshop we are capable of making realistic images shine or create abstract act.

Document editing is accomplished with Adobe Illustrator CS2. Whatever your print needs are: Business cards, post cards, flyers, banners, etc. This is the tool that allows us to produce high quality results.

Lastly we use Macromedia Studio to create web sites for our clients. We are capable of building simple image galleries or a complete web presence.